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Welcome to Sood! We are a modern inn located in the bustling center of Bari; our concept has its roots in London, and reaches all the way to Puglia, with the goal of bringing a hint of internationality to our beloved hometown. We are a snack/tapas bar and restaurant open for lunch, dinner and aperitifs, where you can taste dishes characterized by fascinating mix of cultures and traditions, sip good wine with friends and relax in an informal and welcoming atmosphere!

ristorante sood Bari centro

What's the SOOD STORY? 

In 2016, among the bustling streets of Broadway Market in the heart of East London, Sood was born. Initially known as Sood Family, we entered the scene offering tasty panzerotti and sandwiches with authentic Italian delicacies, such as parmigiana and octopus ragu. As our love for cooking grew, we expanded our activities, organizing Supper and street food and catering events. Our passion led us to Old Spitalfields Market, one of London's oldest and most renowned markets, where we had the honor of participating in the project The Kitchens by Nuno Mendes, a Portuguese celebrity chef. portoghese. 

Thanks to our unique concept, based on the freshness of homemade pasta, we have become a real reference point for Londoners. Our reputation has reached the pages of renowned magazines such as BBC Good Food, Hackney Gazette and others, solidifying our commitment to authentic Italian cuisine.

A tipical IN SOOD?


A: what are we doing tonight? are we going to Sood's?
B: interesting! what is it?
A: I saw fashion victim photos and beautiful dishes and wines on instagram, let's go!
B: Ok, why not!



As we have recommended the two of them, we suggest you enjoy the sood experience with the choice of a good accompanying wine. We offer you a careful selection of natural, biodynamic and conventional wines with reduced intervention on the grapes; a careful choice of wineries scrupulously focused on the quality of the final product. Let our staff guide you in choosing the wine that meets your every desire!


How to best enjoy the experience? By sharing! Here at sood we love to share, in fact In addition to delicious main courses, we offer you a selection of contemporary tapas (our small plates) for 2 or 3 people to share centrally! Get involved with the mix of cultures in our cosmopolitan cuisine!



It's getting late, and it's time to go home! But not before one last toast (you know, they're never enough)! Enjoy a selection of bitters and craft spirits and end your evening in style!


Carlo Dehò

Carlo Dehò, class of '87, graduated in law, but after the first years of his career, he discovered that his true vocation was another: cooking! After years spent in London, where he gained solid training and experience in the field by working in renowned British markets and acquiring knowledge from internationally renowned chefs, he decided to return to Bari, where he founded SOOD Osteria Metropolitana.

Authentic, personable, jovial, always in step with the latest trends. Carlo has a charming personality and an infectious charisma. He is the kind of person who can put you at ease from the first moment, with his welcoming smile and carefree attitude! His commitment to bringing high quality cuisine and exceptional hospitality to the center of the SOOD experience is a result of his sunny personality and love for the culinary arts. 

Alessandro Barbara

Alessandro Barbara, SOOD's chef, spends ten precious years in London, a period that profoundly marks his culinary career. During his years in the vibrant British capital, he worked at several starred kitchens, including Barrafina, a restaurant specializing in Spanish tapas, and Annabel's specializing in British and French cuisine. While there, he cooked alongside the chef of Gascoigne restaurant, who taught him the secrets of fine dining and international cuisine!

Ale has extraordinary creativity and a personal and innovative approach to cooking. Her mind is constantly on the move, searching for new flavor combinations, appealing presentations, and cutting-edge techniques. Every bite conveys a story and emotion, creating an unforgettable dining experience.









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